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Annette Snyder's Drive Thru Romance Novel Annette Snyder's Respectable Affair Romance Novel True Nebraskans: Cartoons About Cornhuskers and Other Folk ... by Paul Fell
Starkweather: A Story of Mass Murder on the Great Plains by Jeff O'Donnell Wings Over Nebraska: Historic Aviation Photographs by Vince Goeres Seems Like Old Times: The Big Bands of the Midwest by Loren B. Belker
Nebraska, Where Dreams Grow by Dorothy Weyer Creigh In All It's Fury: The Great Blizzard of 1888 by W.H. O'Gara Postcards from Nebraska: The Stories Behind the Stories as Seen on CBS News "Sunday Morning" by Roger Welsch
Daniel and Agnes Freeman: Homesteaders by Beverly S. Kaplan Luther North: Frontier Scout by Jeff O'Donnell Your Guide to Nebraskaspeak: How to Talk Like a True Nebraskan by Paul Fell
The Lay of the Land: A View From the Prairie by Brent Olson Miss Adams, Country Teacher: Memories From a One-Room School by Treva Adams Strait Annette Snyder's Viveka's War Romance Novel
Alexa Whipple Old-Tyme Country Sweetheart CD Alexa Whipple Beautiful Day CD Annette Snyder's Intimate Flames Romance Novel
Annette Snyder's Eureka Springs Romance Novel Annette Snyder's Travis Pass Romance Novel Annette Snyder's Sally Murphy Romance Novel
Annette Snyder's Rock Creek Romance Novel Annette Snyder's Liberty Road Romance Novel Annette Snyder's Albert's Rain Romance Novel
Annette Snyder's Arpetta Honor Romance Novel Pieces of the Plains: Memories and Predictions from the Heart of America by John Janovy, Jr. Ghost Railroads of Nebraska: A Pictoral by Michael M. Bartels and James J. Reisdorff
You Know You're A Nebraskan by Roger Welsch and Paul Fell Perkey's Nebraska Place Names by Elton A. Perkey Liars Too by Roger Welsch