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Schirmer Products Doggie Freedom Strap
See video below demonstrating how this product works.

This product is the only hands free attachment for a retractable leash used to walk your dog. This is a unique product that is unlike anything else out there. Using the doggie freedom strap provides pet owners with a safer way to walk their dog.

The product is approximately 13.5 inches in total length. There are 2 pieces that are attached with a safety snap. On the end of each piece is a D ring that has been sewn to the product. The longest end attaches to the belt of the dog walker. The short end fastens to the handle of the retractable leash.

Directions: The doggie freedom strap is made to be worn with a wide stiff belt. A 2nd belt above a regular belt is another option, especially for ladies. The attachment piece with the prongs loops through the leash handle. Attachment of the longer piece is initiated by moving the D ring up, under, then over the belt. The black end piece is then moved through the D ring. Slide the attachment until it is located about your pant's pocket. Fasten the prongs.

-Stops shoulder jerks and other medical problems
-Allows for texting, phone use, eating, drinking, picking items up, dog exercise and weight loss
-Keeps hands warm during colder weather.
-Great for hands-free shopping and jogging
-Has quick release safety snap
-Leash can be shortened for hands-free safety

-When on a bike trail, close to auto traffic, children, bicycles, mean dogs, or other dangers, retract and shorten the leash so that the dog walks closer to your side.
-Do not use a neck collar on the dog, instead use a harness.
-Do not use this product with a disobedient dog or a dog that pulls excessively.
-Do not allow use by a child
-Do not use with dog that weighs more than 20 pounds.
-Do not fasted to belt loop.

Made in America. Retractable leash not included.